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Imbolg 2018

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Imbolg 2018 was a great celebration and a lovely way to start the wheel of the year turning again. Out of all the sabbats, Imbolg is one that means a lot to me personally, and I see the day as special (well isn't it not?). I planned on having some friends come over a week in advance so it would give me enough time to plan everything I needed. I really wanted to make this night one to remember~

Imbolg (pronounced 'im-molg') means "in the belly", and refers to the first stirrings of foetal light in the womb of Mother Earth. It is a time between winter - of Yule - and spring - of Ostara; it is the time between the times, and a celebration involving purification, fire - and quite good spirits!

There are a lot of traditions around this time, and incidentally Imbolg has something to do with the origins of spring cleaning: it was originally part of a fertility ritual involving inviting the re-fertilizing properties of the Sun in the cold barren womb of Earth - all that was of the last year was burned, buried or removed in preparation for the birth of the new. Imbolg is a time when the fields should be cleared for the year-to-come's harvests, and the first signs of the quickening year are made apparent.

Lots of luscious greenery and wild foragble edibles are alive at this time. Imbolg is a good time of the year to start identifying types of trees, plants and other things as well, the lack of foliage making many flora more easily identifiable. In Ireland the tradition of having the 'impersonator of the saint' [Brigid] come door to door and be invited in the dwelling lives on and well, and is surely a remnant of a pre-christian tradition.

Enough with the general background! Check out what we did for our own local Imbolg celebrations~

On the day-of, I woke up around 5 AM and went out into our fields before the crack of dawn and harvested rushes with my boline, singing songs to Brigid. I brought them back to the stead and started to strip their stalks of small branches and leaves, leaving only the hearty major stalk remaining. Eventually I had a nice small pile of these rushes to make Brigid's crosses with.

I also cut up an old pair of jeans into strips or 'clooties', and laid out pens so as to write our wishes, hopes and dreams for the coming year; which will then be tied to a tree at the "fairy house" at the far end of our property. Also visible is a pack of beans (suitable as a reminder of imbolg), with which we will all plant a few in the soil. My previous years' Brigids' cross sits atop the pile of rushes next to a spool of string, and my ornate crescent-moon boline sits sheathed nearby. In the distance is the unlit Brideog ('brideog' means 'little brid').

Here in this picture you can see my good friend Miguel taking part in the age-old tradition of tying a strip of cloth (or a 'clootie') to a tree. He had arrived before everyone else so he was the first one to tie his cloth! I had brought my cauldron out to the 'fairy house' at the far-end of our country property and filled it with water - acting as "Brigid's Well"; where everyone would have to walk out and voyage to, to dip before tying. You can notice to the left a small wattle enclosure - where we would be planting our beans in the moonlight later that night~

Brigid in her Bed, with candles lit and placed on either side. Usually my Brideog is very simple - just the corn doll and wand laid on a blanket with the candles on each side; but since we were having our first coven meeting, I decided to really make it beautiful~ I wrapped the doll in some old decorative cloths made by my great grandma, and placed that in another (more modern) colourful one; necklaces (also 'ancestral') adorn it, and a small crystal sits at the heart of the image. Lemons grow around this time and so I appropriately placed some around the bed, as a seasonal tinge. Incense sticks sit waiting to be lit.

Another wider shot of the Brideog. Note the plants behind it; I had stuffed the back with hay to prop the doll up a bit and used some green tree-branches to hide the ends, as well as make it look nice~ You can really see the full image now.

Great importance was atttached to the burning of last years' crosses. Miguel had mentioned that while it's possible to just "do this in your mind" - that is, symbolically "letting go" and re-making our new year - when we have these materialized manifestations of those things it certainly makes it a lot more alive, palpable and memoriable for everyone involved. A great symbolic gesture - the form is meaningless unless the intent be there! It's time to get rid of the old and in with the new!

Here you can see my Mom and I's crosses. These are not Brigid's crosses, but God's Eyes. Reason we made these instead was that the rushes I had harvested didn't soak long enough to be pliable so we all thought it would be easier to make these instead; and they look as nice and suit the purpose just fine. We started to notice an emerging pattern with how we created ours~

Here our coven members Summer and Rachel tend to the Imbolg fire~ We burned our Yule Log from last year.

Imbolg fires are burning! All hail Brigid!

Brigid in her Bed, with all of our crosses at the foot of it, as to procure the blessings of Brigid upon them before we all left. There was a distinct way of wrapping we all noticed, the men making the crosses by tying the string 'under over under over', while the females all tyed it 'over over over' in the same way; we took note of these already-emerging local 'styles'.

The Imbolg fire now smoulders.

When the night came and the moon rose up - and we all were buzzed enough - we decided to try doing a wheel or cord dance. It was just four people, but we were able to have a man hold one side of the cord and a female another, and like this had all held by the right 'polarity', and had the cords in such a way that it was taught at a point in the centre, and we all danced deosil in the moonlight, practice dancing but still having fun. We started to laugh and had a good time.

When it was time for everyone to depart we made sure everyone took their cross with them, and gave them a dozen eggs each (we have chickens); with thankful goodbyes, smiles and kind departing words I watched as they rode off into the night. Looking back up at the moon, I smiled in the silent relish of a good sabbat.

Merry 2018 Imbolg!

The Path of Peh: A Journey of Devastation and Growth

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The Path of Peh: A Journey of Devastation and Growth

By Feywer Folevado ~ Temple of the Tree; Dated 17th Octobre, 2017

In my magical explorations of the Tree of Life, the pathworkings performed upon the Sephiroth and their paths led to a barrage of spiritual experiences and profundities that left impressions on my development. It is said that a very person themselves is the Tree of Life; and in that respect every tree is said to grow from its roots. Some magicians follow the concept of the Lightning Flash or Flaming Sword, which instead the Tree is manifested from above “downwards”. However the conceptual representation, it is important that every nook and cranny of these spiritual avenues are explored and insights be made therefrom.

A student naturally begins at the realm of Malkuth, and pathworks upwards. This gradual revelation of experiences are clothed in heavy symbolism which allow for a dynamic process of “give and take” with the sub-/un-conscious through what is seen and what happens subjectively with each participant. Thus there is deep personal attachment and meaning to every instance of the Tree as it is cultivated in the active imagination. Which subsequently (and should) allow for creative personal growth and understanding.

Along the paths which one must travel and experience, is the path named Peh. This Hebrew word means Mouth; “speech can be monologue or dialogue, condemnation or communication, a means of isolating or understanding, a barrier or a bridge.” It is a path that refers to our ability to using our “mouths” to form our thoughts into reality and effect things. Among probable dozens of other contexts in which this path could be seen and applied, here, using the ego to manipulate and change our environment and social surroundings. And that means a lot of learning.

The common theme in the path of Peh is the Tower. In the Tarot this can be visually depicted in symbolic form. More often than not will the image contain figures being thrown violently from the top of a tower, caused by a lightning strike above, the tower collapsing into ruin and rubble. The meaning behind this symbolism is allegorical. Every person themselves is a “tower”, and through the engagement of their egos in their everyday lives they build up their tower, brick by brick. This tower can become too tall, however, and the lightning represents an outside influence which demolishes the tower that has been built up. The lesson learned from this is that the tower can (and is always) built up once again. With careful consideration the tower will never become too tall (or remain too short) but be sturdy and have a good foundation and stable construction.

That which is crystalized is broken to reveal the gelatinous forms of the future.

But in this process of transformation, the journey of building up the tower – the moment when the lightning strikes becomes most critical. It does not matter what the lightning strike “is” if we consider it in a metaphorical sense, but what does matter, then, is the ability to handle the fall, the rubble, and rebuilding again. How one handles that is the test of it all! “Towers” come in all shapes and sizes.

It was a personal revelation for me. The way the tower crashed down was realized in my experiences with pathworking the Tree. After about a year of serious dedication and developments my progresses stagnated once I had reached the path of the Tower. I believed that the true growth of this path is experienced from action and reaction in the physical world which yields a transformation.

Sometimes a person has to break down in order to be rebuilt. And that doesn’t always mean it’s graceful or pretty. To illustrate, a petition to an angel (just as a demon) over fixing one’s life could result in losing a job, one’s current situation in life, a relationship and so on – and it may seem harsh or cruel – but in the end results for the better and indeed fixes something that had been in err. But it had been by reasons which one could not have actively understood or comprehended at the time, by future’s course had revealed their clues and apparent hidden plan.

Further on the Tree it can be seen that the path of Peh, the Tower, further transforms (after a passing through a sephirah) into another path: Nun, meaning Fish – referring to death.

But this death is naught physical. And that path leads to something else. It is a symbolic re-birth into that of equilibrium and harmony. Those dark times reveal a lightness; the jewel hidden in the mud. And it is something that can not merely be discovered in a pathworking meditation one Saturday afternoon; but is revealed conspicuously through the trials and tribulations of our day to day lives. What took months to a year to build up the lower triangle of the Tree, took three to four years to complete the path across it.

The Tree of Life is not something casually explored. It may take practitioners years or decades to wholly and completely establish their own respective inner Trees. It should be of no concern the advancement of others on their own; as slow progress is still progress! And the enrichment provided through the meaningful cultivation of those symbols a vehicle where our lives can be fully realized and understood in deeper, more profound fashion.

The Magic of Reality

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The Magic of Reality

A journey into a world of otherworldliness

By Feywer Folevado - 27th Septembre, 2017

My supernatural experiences as a child were numinous and genuine. Throughout my life the interplay of these forces which transcend our seemingly very physical world on my own journey through it have cropped up again and again, over and over. Periods which were dominated by the lack of active occupation of magical interest always seemed to let it creep back in, or somehow make itself apparent therein. This mystery has woven itself so deeply into the rich and lustrous fabric of my own life that I could not ignore it, and therefore included it in my life and everything I do.

The fanciful and story-like, fantasy depictions of magic fail to portray the accuracy of what this mysterious force’s limits are and can be. The one more understands magic from an honest and open perspective – one, that can only be experienced subjectively – the more one comes to understand the nature of reality. Disassociations, neurosis and unhealthy attachments (as well as detachments) lead one all but astray in conjunction with one’s understanding of magic and magical forces. A true grasp of magic is a true grasp of reality. Not an escape or retreat into a mystical otherworld or philosophical realm; there is a magic in reality, which is mimicked or clothed in symbols and fashion but is all too real, and like in my own experiences, could not be ignored.

A tendency to inaccurately align oneself with ideas of what magic is, fails to understand the true nature of its graspability and simplicity, with their overcomplications of understanding. The more magic permeates or trickles into the consciousness of the everyday lives of individuals the more casual it seems, as it becomes a part of their experience of life in itself. Certain things in our lives appear to be caused or as we think rooted in “supernatural” origins, by ways in which we could not understand or by which are beyond our current means of awareness of reality. There exists beyond our scope of senses levels of awareness and reality that we can not actively be made aware of, but by means of instruments such as microscopes we can bring [i]into[/i] our awareness what was once not. Or by means of a radio we can bring frequencies which are beyond our range of hearing into one that we can; and these instruments are ways in which we can come to understand our world in a more accurate or precise sense, as we make of it. To a person of the mediaeval era if we transported them to our current time they would perhaps think of a television as “magic”. But these things are simply beyond their scope of awareness, or conscious understanding of the world around themselves. The jokes goes, that the mediaeval clergy though of a calculator as witchcraft!

But this cannot account for the truly surreal and otherworldy experiences that we are subject to and ourselves experience. Things which affect our own reality but exist beyond it. We ourselves can also effect things which are beyond our own means, and change things. So the belief that we can manipulate reality is not a magical one at all, but one rooted in a very logical standpoint. Despite this, the prevalent encounters with these unexplained beings and worlds provide a glimpse into another reality – one away from our seemingly everyday lives.

Accounts have been had over the years over people who loose touch with themselves or the world around themselves in a psychosis or schizophrenic state. In a magical context this is extremely dangerous. What the magical realm provides in understanding and awareness, can often prove to be a toxic blend with one’s unchecked or unstable mentality. These sad occurrences let us look into the failings and problematic issues of a magical reality: it was not a reality that was anywhere “here”, but thought of as something separate, yet permeating or intruding. This imbalance is a psychological danger. A properly understood experience of an otherworldly force or realm allows for a more complete understanding of our own realities – not a dissociative split between ourselves or our surroundings. The world of magic becomes truly a properly understood reality. Perhaps of ones yet beyond us, but ones that we allow to complete our own worldviews and navigate in and change the world around ourselves.

And that mystery, of magic as reality, allows us to realize that our experiences of magic and the supernatural are very real, and provide us with a more whole view of how the world and our reality operates.

Between Spontaneousness and Deliberation in Magic

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Between Spontaneousness and Deliberation in Magic

By Feywer Folevado - 9th June, 2017

Magic spells and workings often bring up mental images of the magician in his robes, with elaborately-drawn circles, complex symbols, mysterious implements and strange conjurations. This picture of the High Magician stands in stark contrast from the sympathetic, emotional-based workings of the local common people. While the differences between "High" and "Low" magic have been already discussed about in length (ad infinitum) in other various places, there doesn't seem to be much talk about how those small, simple workings often hold the most bang for your buck!

In other words - those workings of magic which are rooted in almost spur-of-the-moment decisions have quite a kick. Why is this? The magician in his temple has to whip up an emotional state and direct it very specifically, after having done his preliminary and lengthy operations. Everything is very methodical, symbolic and complex. On the other hand, the common person might be in a fury or in love, and so decide to fashion a spell while in that state. Both generally would have the same outcomes; but the High Magician must exercise careful control over his Will, making sure his emotions brought up are specific and directed, while the angry or infatuated peasant might just be livid or burning with desire and simply does.

I can remember one time I was very angry at an individual and I did the Lemon and Pins spell with black pins, and the spell worked marvelously. Other times, when I've performed more or less the same sort of spell while in a more "rigid" setting - the emotions are just harder to bring back to the surface again. There is something to be said when an emotional state takes hold of a person, when contrasted to a more methodical approach to the same end.

Self control is something highly desired for many in the magical path. It is the central aim and focus for many, and the 'desire' to have self-mastery and control plays out with the ritual magician. The magician has to be very aware of what he is doing, how he is doing it, what his thoughts are and how they tend to train, what mental space he is in, to put his mind into a certain place, and more; but the sympathetic and passionately-fueled magics of the common people are rooted in a simple but sharply directive - and effective - rule, that of unbridled emotions.

But this can have its detriments. Both may be aware of what they are doing or wish to acquire in aim, but the former has careful diligence while the latter is blunt with force. The all too well-known phrase "backfire" in magic should be a bell ringer. In both cases it matters not the methods of their operations, but how much they are themselves able to, or not able to, direct that force to its aim.

To be swept up in an emotional state - is to be swept away from the grounds of stability and clear thinking. This strange and irrational force is powerful, but if no care is given and pure emotion is the launch-pad, there is more apt for failure. However on the other end if there is too much rigidity then one becomes too firmly put, and has more resistance when it's time to direct magical/emotional force.

And they are not water-tight. The magician is not a robot incapable of emotion and the common person is no idiot unable to learn complex things - but these two distinct ways of acting, in casting - show just how much magic is 'accessible', how spontaneousness can have more force that deliberate act - but also how acting in emotion with no thought is just as useless as a thoughtful methodical act, with no emotion.

Ignorance and Understanding

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Ignorance and Understanding

By Feywer Folevado - 17th April, 2017

Man can only know what is interpreted through his senses. Thus, at a certain point tools are utilized in order to bring into consciousness what is beyond our grasp of conscious tangibility. A microscope or binoculars may be used to allow us to gaze beyond our measure, and radios to bring into frequency wavelengths beyond our hearing. There are beyond our limited awareness of the universe things which we can only bring to and appear within our level of consciousness or understanding.

This is the same principle with “enlightenment” or “illumination” with the phrase “levels of consciousness”. They are levels of awareness and understanding, that unfold from the prior more ignorant level of conscious awareness. Verily to simply be aware of that which is beyond our range of conscious awareness - that which occupies the universe which is beyond our senses - is enough allow the super-natural other-ness to slowly permeate into our conscious awareness, and too become real. To have realization.

To limit oneself to the word of the senses has no detriment - but unto himself only who does. To be aware of one’s own ignorance is an illumination all in itself. To be aware of the ways in which one is ignorant allows them to open their own mind. Ignorance then is shed like the skin of a snake. Or like the bark of a tree.

“The urge to transcend self-consciousness.. is a principal appetite of the soul” (Huxley, The Doors of Perception 1974)

Reason, Intelligence, and Understanding are not ends for accumulation, only to being shackled by them with ignorance. But tools for exploration and consideration with the Soul and the inner nature of Man himself. Carrying him along his journey in the lessons he may learn in his life and beyond to the next.

The Book of Azarak - by Baron & Baronessa Araignee: Book Review!

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The Book of Azarak - by Araginee - https://www.araigneearcaneservices.org/

Araignee’s Arcane Services, maintained by a wonderful necromantic couple living and based in South Africa, are well known on Occult Forums, maintain a website for their services, and have together even written several books on occultism and magic. A match made in heaven - or the hells themselves.

They are lovely people, and sent me a copy of their latest book “The Book of Azarak”. I had in honest no idea what to expect during shipping - and to receive this lovely offering makes for an interesting read with even more interesting and fascinating material. I read half of it in one sitting - I was enthralled by it :-)

The Book of Azarak may at first seem to the lay person as belonging to a darker current of magic practice. But that is not true. It enlightened me on various things that I had no knowledge about, and even for having a nicely rounded “smore” of information packed into that small little book - there are things that someone, even for your “seasoned occultists” - did not know!

It contains a good variety of both helpful and harmful spells, or moreso, beneficial and baneful work. It gives an interesting primer and has great articles about methods in which the book may be used, and discusses that in conjunction with fascinating history.

Within it’s pages a good chunk of it deals with familiar spirits, all are helpful, and all obscure but powerful! They are of wondrous use for the practitioner. It contains theremore, tables and charts and diagrams; which add to the layers of understanding just weaved into its pages.

Dreams - divination - spellwork (not to mention, ‘magic contraptions and bottles and jars - oh my!’) - familiar spirits - knot magic - theory and practice: The Book of Azarak is a complete little system all in itself, and gives a great look at what Witchcraft is all about.

It doesn’t tell you “this is how you must do it”, but tells you about how you can. It can be picked up and added into someone’s pre-existing practices, or entirely as it is. I really enjoyed this book. It well deserves its place among the shelves of any occultist who wants a seemingly sinister (but very magical) compendium of classic Witchcraft, and Magic :-)

Spiritually Cleansing the Home and Body

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Spiritually cleansing the home and body is nothing but beneficial. It’s taking that magic broom in hand and sweeping out the cobwebs, dust and debris that has accumulated in your being and in your home energetically or psychically.


There are many ways throughout many cultures and traditions to go about with these very basic but useful procedures. It may help to consider one in which you feel comfortable or can align with. If you are a moslem, christian, jew or hindu - those systems can provide satisfactory methods.


A classic method employed by modern magical practitioners is the limpia egg cleansing rite, which basically involves using an egg to transfer the negative energy away from the target and into the egg, generally accomplished by rubbing or passing the egg over or on the body, which is either then (in some cases) divined or in most, discarded - away from the dwelling and/or persons.


Another classic method is smudging or fumigation. Ranging in use from the native american tribes to the church and practically everywhere in between - it is a common and popular choice for many today. The most familiar herb for smudging is sage (salvia officinalis), but other plants and dried herbs have been used. Good choices that can be found in many household kitchens for this purpose are, if one does not have access to proper sage: Juniper, Cedar, Rosemary or Lavender.


Classically, one account of a fumigation in a familial house involved closing up the windows and shutters, every door to the outside and stopping up every crack in the dwelling in which things could get in or escape; and large swaths of branches were burned (not recommended by today’s standards!) with orations and prayers before then the windows, doors and all were flung open wide to let all the smoke (and the nasty energy it then contains) - out!


Magical baths are also powerful allies for spiritual cleansing. One prepares the tub of water at the desired temperature, and special herbs, fumigants and other materials are added, which when combined provide a powerful remedy for their chosen inclusions. One literally cleans themselves of the energy undesired, and imbues in themselves the properties of the materials.


Sealing of the aura and body psychically is something that is overlooked or completely missed by many in the magical arena. Grounding releases excess energy, Cleansing removes undesired or excess energy - while sealing prevents any from entering or escaping.


To seal the body and it’s energy-field, one should have holy water, or any other consecrated-water - the witches’ salt and water mixture will do just fine. One strips themselves naked and preferably in a private room such as a bathroom. With the consecrated holy water, dip the index and forefinger into it and anoint each of the bodily openings, in turn, while saying something along the lines of, [i]“Be thou sealed against all evil”[/i] - there is no set formula.


Strongly visualize the seals you are creating In males there are: the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, belly-button, penis and the anus; in females there are: the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, belly-button, vagina, urethra and anus. Twelve in all for men and thirteen for women. Any kind of still-unhealed would or injury on the body should also be sealed. When the sealing is felt to be sufficient, clothes may be replaced.


Some basic methods of psychic self-defense for the home involve drawing lines across boundaries or window-sills, or the lot. Salt may be envisioned as the ideal powder to use, however salt [i]absorbs[/i], and thus requires constant replacing. Red brick-powder is a great boundary-powder. Cascarilla or powdered egg-shells make an excellent available choice. There are many alternatives and options, ones which you may have not even considered!


Even another option are Talismans. They can be devised from the magic squares or [i]kameas[/i], composed free-form, or even found pre-existing in magical manuscripts or such books. Talismans can act as powerful wards that, when charged with intent, can often be sufficient, and portable devices of protection. Also, small amulets and trinkets of religious or significant value in which protection is seen to be imbued can be powerful above all others, for their personal significance resonates at an incredible depth.


Whatever methods one decides to employ, it is much easier to protect oneself using basic psychic self-defense techniques than may previously had thought or realized. I may have even missed some techniques but I feel these are majorly sufficient for most people and problems. More incredible occurrences do not happen so often and as such I’m only covering basic techniques. I hope this review of spiritual cleansing and protection methods can be useful.

Imbolg 2017

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Brigid in her Bed.

Merry 2017 Imbolg! The Wheel of the Year has turned again!

Spirit Shrine - Update

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So in my lengthy article about shrines, I got into depth about local spirits and their losses of localised places in which contact was made with them. Having not found any spirit shrines to more primitive or local spirits I decided to create my own. I made one on the banks of a local creek situated beneath an old dead tree that overlooked the watershed from the cliffside, arranging large rocks from the creekbed below in a circular-shaped enclosure at the base of the trunk. I had constructed also a figure to represent the spirit of the area; fashioned out of creek mud and stones.

Now this was all fine and dandy, but I knew that since the creek is frequented by local teenagers and high-schoolers, that it was bound to be tampered with. I had left a note, and I feel like if not for that it would have seen far quicker ruin. However, the figure inside the stone enclosure was found dismantled and strewn beside the path one time, so I created another - but that disappeared. So when exploring the creek I had found a [plastic] bull statue, so I decided to place that in the shrine instead, and that has seemed to stay. The note has dissolved into the earth of the shrine on account of the rains that we've been having, and the grass grown up around the shrine makes it look more of a part of the landscape.

The path that leads up to the shrine appears more trodden - and not just by me - so people have been visiting it. Even if they aren't sure what "it" is. The spirits are always around all the time. It pleases them to have interaction at this place - and it feels different, too. Friendlier.

Outdoor space for group rituals

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Who wants to come with me to the Sabbat? I made a ritual space out in our local creek. Finally after months and months - our old buddies moved out and went to a new spot, so I was finally able to 'renovate' the area~ Fire pit is covered by a pan; some misc things to take care of - still a little messy, but more in the works. This should be the outdoor meeting place for the coven or any group rituals. It's secure, and private enough for magical operations without having curious onlookers~