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New site, and life updates

Posted on July 8, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Over my time through the small inception of my blog as a ritual one, my understandings have changed dramatically though gradually. Many of my preconceived notions, ignorances, and misunderstandings were illuminated with the light of wisdom. And I thank much the community on many of the forums I am a member of; there are too many individuals whom I could thank for their insights and experiences.


We evolve through time. I always remind people, "we're always going through phases - if you don't think you're in a phase - you're in a phase!" The person you are this year is likely not the same person you were the previous year. Each year we experience new things, trials and tribulations, and all that happens in our personal lives. We grow and develop.


I used to say I was "celibate" (for being a Witch). I used to think black magic was "bad". I had no idea what Voodou or Satanism was really about. I didn't know lots of things, and I said a lot of things. I met many experienced people on online forums, and it was with the openness of mind, willingness and hunger for learning new information - that unknown information - that really set the sails for where I am and who I am today. And I think it's been nothing but positive in the end, because everything is a learning experience.


In that end, my focuses today are much the same, but also different than what they were when I started my blog and joined those forums. I mainly perform the Sabbats and Esbats, as I've always done. I work more with plants and herbs, fats and oils, and concoctions. My experiences with more complex, elaborate ceremonial rituals - like evocations - have dwindled, although the regular, more general, and palpable communication with spirits have increased.


I think that over time, the incorporation of the spiritual and supernatural, the way I treated it from how I started, has changed into much the more natural. I don't see a need for the elaborate symbolisms and trappings of ceremonial magic (for the ends I'm currently doing) when my daily contact has been very fruitful. Don't get me wrong - I still love a good ritual - but over time I have found that the heartfelt, meaningful - simple - connections, are fantastic. I've been able to achieve more with the "simple things" than with complex ceremonial procedure.


I should also mention here that I'm currently moving in with my boyfriend, have jobs lined up and working. So in sum - Practicality, rather than 'magicality', has appeared to pay off. Now is the time to spice it along with beneficial magics.


This new blog website is a much needed, fresh deep breath from the old. I should be categorising things much easier, and taking due care to update the blog on how things are going! I will still keep the contents of most of my old blog website available on the new one (although it's going to take some time to get everything posted again), and much of the information will be updated and revised for today, with new notes, commentary, and perspective.


In starting to pack my bags both physically as well as spiritually - I've decided to perform a variety of lunar workings based upon the phases of the Moon in correlation with my move. I will be starting with the New Moon (or what's left of it - I took a while to deliberate how I wanted to go through with this) and with visionary and trance techniques. - and that's for another article :-) New Moon workings. Stay tuned!

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