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Spiritually Cleansing the Home and Body

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Spiritually cleansing the home and body is nothing but beneficial. It’s taking that magic broom in hand and sweeping out the cobwebs, dust and debris that has accumulated in your being and in your home energetically or psychically.


There are many ways throughout many cultures and traditions to go about with these very basic but useful procedures. It may help to consider one in which you feel comfortable or can align with. If you are a moslem, christian, jew or hindu - those systems can provide satisfactory methods.


A classic method employed by modern magical practitioners is the limpia egg cleansing rite, which basically involves using an egg to transfer the negative energy away from the target and into the egg, generally accomplished by rubbing or passing the egg over or on the body, which is either then (in some cases) divined or in most, discarded - away from the dwelling and/or persons.


Another classic method is smudging or fumigation. Ranging in use from the native american tribes to the church and practically everywhere in between - it is a common and popular choice for many today. The most familiar herb for smudging is sage (salvia officinalis), but other plants and dried herbs have been used. Good choices that can be found in many household kitchens for this purpose are, if one does not have access to proper sage: Juniper, Cedar, Rosemary or Lavender.


Classically, one account of a fumigation in a familial house involved closing up the windows and shutters, every door to the outside and stopping up every crack in the dwelling in which things could get in or escape; and large swaths of branches were burned (not recommended by today’s standards!) with orations and prayers before then the windows, doors and all were flung open wide to let all the smoke (and the nasty energy it then contains) - out!


Magical baths are also powerful allies for spiritual cleansing. One prepares the tub of water at the desired temperature, and special herbs, fumigants and other materials are added, which when combined provide a powerful remedy for their chosen inclusions. One literally cleans themselves of the energy undesired, and imbues in themselves the properties of the materials.


Sealing of the aura and body psychically is something that is overlooked or completely missed by many in the magical arena. Grounding releases excess energy, Cleansing removes undesired or excess energy - while sealing prevents any from entering or escaping.


To seal the body and it’s energy-field, one should have holy water, or any other consecrated-water - the witches’ salt and water mixture will do just fine. One strips themselves naked and preferably in a private room such as a bathroom. With the consecrated holy water, dip the index and forefinger into it and anoint each of the bodily openings, in turn, while saying something along the lines of, [i]“Be thou sealed against all evil”[/i] - there is no set formula.


Strongly visualize the seals you are creating In males there are: the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, belly-button, penis and the anus; in females there are: the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, belly-button, vagina, urethra and anus. Twelve in all for men and thirteen for women. Any kind of still-unhealed would or injury on the body should also be sealed. When the sealing is felt to be sufficient, clothes may be replaced.


Some basic methods of psychic self-defense for the home involve drawing lines across boundaries or window-sills, or the lot. Salt may be envisioned as the ideal powder to use, however salt [i]absorbs[/i], and thus requires constant replacing. Red brick-powder is a great boundary-powder. Cascarilla or powdered egg-shells make an excellent available choice. There are many alternatives and options, ones which you may have not even considered!


Even another option are Talismans. They can be devised from the magic squares or [i]kameas[/i], composed free-form, or even found pre-existing in magical manuscripts or such books. Talismans can act as powerful wards that, when charged with intent, can often be sufficient, and portable devices of protection. Also, small amulets and trinkets of religious or significant value in which protection is seen to be imbued can be powerful above all others, for their personal significance resonates at an incredible depth.


Whatever methods one decides to employ, it is much easier to protect oneself using basic psychic self-defense techniques than may previously had thought or realized. I may have even missed some techniques but I feel these are majorly sufficient for most people and problems. More incredible occurrences do not happen so often and as such I’m only covering basic techniques. I hope this review of spiritual cleansing and protection methods can be useful.

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