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The Magic of Reality

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 8:35 PM

The Magic of Reality

A journey into a world of otherworldliness

By Feywer Folevado - 27th Septembre, 2017

My supernatural experiences as a child were numinous and genuine. Throughout my life the interplay of these forces which transcend our seemingly very physical world on my own journey through it have cropped up again and again, over and over. Periods which were dominated by the lack of active occupation of magical interest always seemed to let it creep back in, or somehow make itself apparent therein. This mystery has woven itself so deeply into the rich and lustrous fabric of my own life that I could not ignore it, and therefore included it in my life and everything I do.

The fanciful and story-like, fantasy depictions of magic fail to portray the accuracy of what this mysterious force’s limits are and can be. The one more understands magic from an honest and open perspective – one, that can only be experienced subjectively – the more one comes to understand the nature of reality. Disassociations, neurosis and unhealthy attachments (as well as detachments) lead one all but astray in conjunction with one’s understanding of magic and magical forces. A true grasp of magic is a true grasp of reality. Not an escape or retreat into a mystical otherworld or philosophical realm; there is a magic in reality, which is mimicked or clothed in symbols and fashion but is all too real, and like in my own experiences, could not be ignored.

A tendency to inaccurately align oneself with ideas of what magic is, fails to understand the true nature of its graspability and simplicity, with their overcomplications of understanding. The more magic permeates or trickles into the consciousness of the everyday lives of individuals the more casual it seems, as it becomes a part of their experience of life in itself. Certain things in our lives appear to be caused or as we think rooted in “supernatural” origins, by ways in which we could not understand or by which are beyond our current means of awareness of reality. There exists beyond our scope of senses levels of awareness and reality that we can not actively be made aware of, but by means of instruments such as microscopes we can bring [i]into[/i] our awareness what was once not. Or by means of a radio we can bring frequencies which are beyond our range of hearing into one that we can; and these instruments are ways in which we can come to understand our world in a more accurate or precise sense, as we make of it. To a person of the mediaeval era if we transported them to our current time they would perhaps think of a television as “magic”. But these things are simply beyond their scope of awareness, or conscious understanding of the world around themselves. The jokes goes, that the mediaeval clergy though of a calculator as witchcraft!

But this cannot account for the truly surreal and otherworldy experiences that we are subject to and ourselves experience. Things which affect our own reality but exist beyond it. We ourselves can also effect things which are beyond our own means, and change things. So the belief that we can manipulate reality is not a magical one at all, but one rooted in a very logical standpoint. Despite this, the prevalent encounters with these unexplained beings and worlds provide a glimpse into another reality – one away from our seemingly everyday lives.

Accounts have been had over the years over people who loose touch with themselves or the world around themselves in a psychosis or schizophrenic state. In a magical context this is extremely dangerous. What the magical realm provides in understanding and awareness, can often prove to be a toxic blend with one’s unchecked or unstable mentality. These sad occurrences let us look into the failings and problematic issues of a magical reality: it was not a reality that was anywhere “here”, but thought of as something separate, yet permeating or intruding. This imbalance is a psychological danger. A properly understood experience of an otherworldly force or realm allows for a more complete understanding of our own realities – not a dissociative split between ourselves or our surroundings. The world of magic becomes truly a properly understood reality. Perhaps of ones yet beyond us, but ones that we allow to complete our own worldviews and navigate in and change the world around ourselves.

And that mystery, of magic as reality, allows us to realize that our experiences of magic and the supernatural are very real, and provide us with a more whole view of how the world and our reality operates.

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