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The Path of Peh: A Journey of Devastation and Growth

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 5:55 PM

The Path of Peh: A Journey of Devastation and Growth

By Feywer Folevado ~ Temple of the Tree; Dated 17th Octobre, 2017

In my magical explorations of the Tree of Life, the pathworkings performed upon the Sephiroth and their paths led to a barrage of spiritual experiences and profundities that left impressions on my development. It is said that a very person themselves is the Tree of Life; and in that respect every tree is said to grow from its roots. Some magicians follow the concept of the Lightning Flash or Flaming Sword, which instead the Tree is manifested from above “downwards”. However the conceptual representation, it is important that every nook and cranny of these spiritual avenues are explored and insights be made therefrom.

A student naturally begins at the realm of Malkuth, and pathworks upwards. This gradual revelation of experiences are clothed in heavy symbolism which allow for a dynamic process of “give and take” with the sub-/un-conscious through what is seen and what happens subjectively with each participant. Thus there is deep personal attachment and meaning to every instance of the Tree as it is cultivated in the active imagination. Which subsequently (and should) allow for creative personal growth and understanding.

Along the paths which one must travel and experience, is the path named Peh. This Hebrew word means Mouth; “speech can be monologue or dialogue, condemnation or communication, a means of isolating or understanding, a barrier or a bridge.” It is a path that refers to our ability to using our “mouths” to form our thoughts into reality and effect things. Among probable dozens of other contexts in which this path could be seen and applied, here, using the ego to manipulate and change our environment and social surroundings. And that means a lot of learning.

The common theme in the path of Peh is the Tower. In the Tarot this can be visually depicted in symbolic form. More often than not will the image contain figures being thrown violently from the top of a tower, caused by a lightning strike above, the tower collapsing into ruin and rubble. The meaning behind this symbolism is allegorical. Every person themselves is a “tower”, and through the engagement of their egos in their everyday lives they build up their tower, brick by brick. This tower can become too tall, however, and the lightning represents an outside influence which demolishes the tower that has been built up. The lesson learned from this is that the tower can (and is always) built up once again. With careful consideration the tower will never become too tall (or remain too short) but be sturdy and have a good foundation and stable construction.

That which is crystalized is broken to reveal the gelatinous forms of the future.

But in this process of transformation, the journey of building up the tower – the moment when the lightning strikes becomes most critical. It does not matter what the lightning strike “is” if we consider it in a metaphorical sense, but what does matter, then, is the ability to handle the fall, the rubble, and rebuilding again. How one handles that is the test of it all! “Towers” come in all shapes and sizes.

It was a personal revelation for me. The way the tower crashed down was realized in my experiences with pathworking the Tree. After about a year of serious dedication and developments my progresses stagnated once I had reached the path of the Tower. I believed that the true growth of this path is experienced from action and reaction in the physical world which yields a transformation.

Sometimes a person has to break down in order to be rebuilt. And that doesn’t always mean it’s graceful or pretty. To illustrate, a petition to an angel (just as a demon) over fixing one’s life could result in losing a job, one’s current situation in life, a relationship and so on – and it may seem harsh or cruel – but in the end results for the better and indeed fixes something that had been in err. But it had been by reasons which one could not have actively understood or comprehended at the time, by future’s course had revealed their clues and apparent hidden plan.

Further on the Tree it can be seen that the path of Peh, the Tower, further transforms (after a passing through a sephirah) into another path: Nun, meaning Fish – referring to death.

But this death is naught physical. And that path leads to something else. It is a symbolic re-birth into that of equilibrium and harmony. Those dark times reveal a lightness; the jewel hidden in the mud. And it is something that can not merely be discovered in a pathworking meditation one Saturday afternoon; but is revealed conspicuously through the trials and tribulations of our day to day lives. What took months to a year to build up the lower triangle of the Tree, took three to four years to complete the path across it.

The Tree of Life is not something casually explored. It may take practitioners years or decades to wholly and completely establish their own respective inner Trees. It should be of no concern the advancement of others on their own; as slow progress is still progress! And the enrichment provided through the meaningful cultivation of those symbols a vehicle where our lives can be fully realized and understood in deeper, more profound fashion.

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