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Mercury's Butterfly

Mercury's Butterfly is probably the only darkwave/gothic project in Orland, CA. Hardly anyone in the area knows about this sort of music so it's all very underground. As of its inception the lineup consisted of Ean Martin on Bass, Guitar, Vocals and Keyboard.

Featured on a few Sacramento college radio stations and “Sound In The Distance”, the EP garnered attention via word of mouth and the included insert, and the project continued to develop. Currently there are more productions in the works, so here are all the currently available releases and information to date:


Mercury's Butterfly (2017/2018)

The first EP was produced in the winter of 2017/new year of 2018 and published that January via a few limited edition self-release CDs and tapes that were scattered around Orland.

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The Ghost Speaks (2018)

The second release contains more of a darkwave sound, also by self-release. This album was never officially "released", e.g. not available for listening but does exist in the underground in cassette tape runs, handed out at shows.

No link just yet, but a few songs are available for listening on Soundcloud:

Wild and Ooze


The Seventh Day (2018)

The Seventh Day is the third release from the project - more to be announced! Stay tuned~

Escape (2017)

“Escape" is an ethereal wave/shoegaze-style album with a focus on heavy guitar distortion and effect-filters, groovy percussion and drum ’n’ bass rhythms, smashing progressions and some vocals. Let the dark and groovy ethereal rhythms immerse you into an Escape.

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Obscurat Extra, from "Mercury's Butterfly" demo tape

Features & News

The song "Visions" from "The Ghost Speaks" album was featured in WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth "Weekly Tips" #8; 26th March, 2018